Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Company for the swallows

Wagtails and yellow finches are now flying about, dipping and weaving everywhere. Wild poppies with their glorious red are appearing and also their counterpart the icelandic poppy. The mayflower is now more abundant and cow parsley is starting to appear.
Owls can be heard in the evening communicating with one another and the pheasants also with their familiar loud screeching sound.

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Friday, 1 May 2009

More swallows - will they make a summer?

More swallows have now arrived and it's wonderful to hear their chatter as they prepare their nests. In the evenings you can watch them swoop over the fields as they catch the midges in the cool of the evening.

The blackthorn is now in flower and it's great to see the hedgerows alive with its blossom. The mayflower has started to appear although a little earlier than expected; maybe it's a sign that a good summer is expected. Local farmers are predicting a hotter summer due to the fact that twins and triplets have been born. Let's hope!

Foxhill Barn Bed & Breakfast